SolGreen and Waste

Thermoplastic Waste

SolGreen provides solutions for post-consumer and post-industrial thermoplastic waste such as isolation sheets, packaging films, bottles and insulation cables made from PP, PE, PET, PC, PVC and many more resins. SolGreen carries out extensive R&D on development of new thermoplastic elastomers on usage of these waste as raw material for production of products.

This is done by improving the quality of waste, choosing the right processing methods and additives or blending a part of these waste with virgin materials. The product quality will be tested to fulfill the standards required and processability of the system is also studied in both lab scale and pilot scale equipment.

Thermoplastic Waste Thermoplastic Waste
Crosslink Latex and Rubber Waste Crosslink Latex and Rubber Waste

Crosslinked Rubber Waste

Recycling and reusing latex and rubber products such as gloves and tires are major problems faced by the industry due to the presence of chemical crosslinks. SolGreen can provide the technology to de-crosslink latex and rubber product and reclaimed gum rubber from these products. The technology is also applicable for synthetic rubber product such as nitrile gloves. The de-crosslinked rubber could be used as raw material for production and could be crosslinked again.

SolGreen can assist you to de-crosslink your post industrial waste to be used again in your production. Testing and pilot plant processing services are also provided by SolGreen on de-crosslink rubber.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Here in SolGreen, we are firm believers in reaching out and giving back to the community and that includes our commitment to improve the lives of those in need. We are committed to provide part of our earnings for students welfare in providing scholarship, bursary for undergraduates who are keen to pursue their studies in the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Thermoplastic Waste Thermoplastic Waste