About SolGreen

About Company

SolGreen was established in the year 2020 to promote innovation and green technology in the polymer industry. The company aims to develop practical solutions for manufacturers of polymer based products to improve their productivity, energy efficiency and resource management.

SolGreen houses a well equipped pilot plant scale rubber, plastic and solution based polymer processing equipments complete with laboratory testing instruments for research and development activities on new product or methodology. An experienced R&D team comprising of researchers and engineers supports the company technical service team to formulate practical solutions to our customers.

SolGreen strategy is to work in close collaboration with our customers in providing technical support and devise solutions on challenges pertaining to new product development, green technology, recycling, energy efficiency in processing, intellectual property support and marketing of products related to the polymer industry.

New Product Development
Energy Efficiency
Green Technology
Recycling / Recovery Of Waste
IP And Marketing

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Vision and Mission of SolGreen is to identify business opportunities related to improving the sustainability and competitiveness of the polymer industry through adoption of green technology focusing on green material, recycling and development of energy efficient process.

SolGreen collaborates continuously with universities to carry out applied research and find solutions to convert post-industrial waste into useful functional materials for ensuring sustainability of the environment and promoting adoption of responsible consumption in achieving a circular economy.


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