Trends in Green Technology

In the polymer industry, the current trends in green technology involves adoption of environmentally friendly and safe material with energy efficient process or design by focusing our commitments within the following framework of:

Using renewable

Reduce waste, pollutants and emission

Recover, recycle and

Reduce the pressure on natural resources

Green Technology in Polymer Industry

The trends on Green Technology focus areas for polymer industry can be illustrated in the chart below.

Reduction of energy consumption Energy efficient process and design
De-Crosslink Technology Reclaim rubber from latex and rubber products
Utilize Post Industrial Scrap Value add and recicurlate into market
Reuse Single Use Plastic Recyling / reprocess and value add
Introduce Biodegradable Polymers Handling, processability and blending
Use Green Additives Green plasticizer, pigments and fillers
Thermoplastic Elastomer Alternative to crosslink products
Improved quality control Waste minimization