Equipment and Testing Capability

Equipment and Testing Capability

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No Equipments Capability
1 Twin screw extruder (Counter rotating) Studies on the extrusion behavior of polymer compounds and polymer composites.
2 Brabender Rheomix Internal Mixer Mixing ,blending and compounding of polymers, composites with studies on torque behavior, rheological and fusion studies.
3 Polymer film or membrane casting machine Preparation of films through solution, membrane and latex casting.
4 High speed mixer Preparation of solutions, compounding of latex formulations for drying and curing into films
5 Sonicator Preparation of emulsions (liquid/liquid phases) and dispersions (solid/liquid phases)
6 Centrifuge For concentration of lattices by separation of solid from liquid phases
7 Hot and Cold hydraulic press Preparation os samples for testing of tensile, elongation, tear, hardness, compression set, abrasion, resilence etc.
No Equipments / Instruments Capability
1 Rockwell Hardness tester Determination of hardness of rubber, plastic, metals, wood and others
2 Tensile tester Determination of tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, modulus of plastic, bond strength of film, sheet, concrete, composite and brick samples
3 Charpy Impact Tester Determination of the impact properties of plastic, metals, woods and etc.
4 Fatigue Testing Machine Evaluating the fatigue properties of plastic and rubber materials
5 Bending and Torsion Apparatus Evaluate the elastic failure of material under bending and torsional stress
No Instruments Capability
1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter Provide the thermal profile of materials – processing temperature, crystallization temperature and degradation temperature.

Studies on crystallinity of material which will affect the gas/liquid permeability, strength and impact properties of products.

Studies on degradation properties of materials

Determination the crosslinking density and vulcanization characteristics of rubber elastomeric materials

Studies on the performance of recycled material on final performance of product
2 Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) Determination of moisture content in materials.

Evaluation on thermal degradation of product

Determination on effects of plasticizer, fillers and other additives on thermal stability of product.
3 Dilatometer Measures the linear coefficient of thermal expansion of materials in different state from solids, melts, powders and pastes correspondingly with changes in dimensional stability (volume) of materials.
No Instruments Capability
1 Atomic Adsorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Perkin Elmer Determination of the concentration of elements especially metal elements in products inclusive of contamination studies.
2 Double beam UV-Vis Spectrometer Quantitative & qualitative analysis of material

Determination of transition metal ions and organic compounds.

Used widely in biochemical analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, environmental protection, food industry, metallurgy, commodity inspection and agricultural chemistry.

Determination of contamination.
3 Fluorescence Spectrometer Crack tracing, security inks, coding phosphors, brightening/whitening reagents, UV stabilizers and other additives.

Pesticide detection, ground water tracing, oil contamination of water, exhaust gas composition, water purity, uranium and luminum, and biomass
4 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Evaluation of the degradation of materials

Evaluation of the interaction between base material and additives

Sample purity determination
5 X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) Determination of crystalline and amorphous regions in polymers

Study on the residual stress in plastic material due to processing methods – failure analysis

Determination of effectiveness of dispersion of fillers in polymers

Determination of the quantity and mineralogy of rock samples
6 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) Use for microstructure studies of materials

Use for studies on polymeric material: failure behavior due to filler- plastic interaction and etc.
7 Magnetic Susceptibility measurement (Evans Balance /NMR) Measurement on the behavior of materials and compounds under magnetic fields
8 Refractometer Measurement of the refractive index of liquid and solid samples to evaluate transparency
9 Viscometer bath Studies on kinematics viscosity
10 Gas Chromatography (FID & MS) Testing the purity of substance

Quality assurance control in chemical industry

Used to measure toxicity in soil, air and water.
11 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Used for testing the purity of particular substance

For product quality assurance in the chemical industry

Used to Measure toxic substances in soil, air and water.

Determination of polymer molecular weight.
12 NMR Spectrometer (400MHz) Structure elucidation Determination of chemical composition.

Formulations investigation

Raw materials fingerprinting

Mixture analysis

Sample purity determination

Quality assurance and control

Quantitative analysis

Compound identification and confirmation

Analysis of inter- and intramolecular exchange processes

Molecular characterization

Reaction kinetics examination

Reaction mechanism investigation
13 Gas Absorption techniques ( Nitrogen physisorption ) Determination of surface area.
14 Particle size analyzer Analyze particle size distribution of solid (fillers)
No Instruments Capability
1 Weathering chamber Weathering test on polymer or chemical compounds under accelerated service condition
2 Melt Flow Indexer Determination of thermoplastic flow behaviour.
3 Potentiostat/Galvanostat – corrosion and coatings evaluation Low- and high-current measurements, analog and high-speed scans, as well as multiplexing and impedance spectroscopy measurements for bio fuels, coatings, battery, biosensors, electroplating, coatings, corrosion.
4 Annealing Furnace Recrystallization of metal

Determination of filler content in polymeric material

Determination on residual stress in metal products

Heat treatment
No Instruments Capability
1 Polishing machine Sample preparation for Scanning Electron Microscope and Rockwell hardness test.
2 BOD Incubators Biological oxygen demand evaluation for water and waste water samples
3 COD Incubators Chemical oxygen demand for water and waste water samples
4 pH meters Determination of pH for latex, chemicals and any other solutions
5 Vacuum and Drying Ovens Moisture content determination

Sample preparation – drying and curing of films
6 TLC sprayer Formation of fine aerosol with particles of 0.3 to 10 µm
7 Rotary evaporator Control removal of solvent through evaporation.

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